BOLT named top-10 staffing agency in SF Bay Area

“Whether it is looking for last minute event staffing or trying to get a full-time employee that’s the right fit, BOLT Staffing Services is equipped to provide a candidate perfect for the position” 

-SFist, June 2020 

This week, BOLT was named a top ten staffing agency in the San Francisco Bay Area by SFist! The online publication focuses on news relevant to San Francisco and the greater Bay Area. They cover a range of topics such as business, restaurants, sports and arts. In a recent article they posted titled “16 Best Temp Agencies in San Francisco” Bolt was listed as #7 of 16 Top-Notch Temporary Staffing Companies. We were highlighted for making connections with aspiring new hires to place them in quality jobs. Our transparency was also commended for informing “potential employers and future employees of how to better prepare to fulfill their staffing needs”. 

BOLT has over 20 years of experience in the Bay Area labor market. While we provide the care and dedication of a family business, we also have talent and technology comparable to that of much larger companies. We work with both the public and private sector, and specialize in administrative, warehouse and hospitality staffing placements. 

We pride ourselves on our care for both our clients and workers. Whether you are a client struggling with a persisting staffing problem, or a job seeker who needs a specific work arrangement, we will take the time to understand your needs and work hard to find a solution.

We have offices in Sonoma, American Canyon and San Francisco and understand the geography and transportation struggles of the Bay Area. Our long history in the area has provided us with an extensive databased of qualified candidates for multiple industries. Calls to the office are always answered and met with sincere care for the caller. 

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